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Goals, Videos and Vision Boards, Oh My!!

Another Beach-Themed House

WANNA SEE SOME STAGING VIDEOS?? I have been publishing YouTube videos for years. They are not edited or polished but they will show you first-hand what our staged homes look like. I cover the simple but important details that make up a perfect staging outcome. Here are a few using a strong color thread and a theme.

Very Small Beach House
Farm House Style
Soft Staging – No Furniture
Small Occupied House
Gated Neighborhood Budget Stage

I have a much better camera this year and I am excited for some of our early 2019 luxury home stage videos. We have a rustic, horse-country 6,000 sq. ft. home coming up soon and two large beach houses. A contemporary mid-century modern and a Tuscan Italian. You can’t do cookie-cutter staging in either of them. Enjoy the videos.

A Vision Board and a Goal List will Almost Triple Your Income

Vision Boards Give Us Focus

Many years ago, I heard a quote from a reliable source at a motivational seminar. It was either Brian Tracy or  Zig Ziglar Himself: “You will make and average of $3,000 a month without goal setting and $7,000 a month with a goal setting program.” Of course, that was 20 years ago and the numbers have increased but it’s still relative. Nearly 2 1/2 times the income for goal setters. Pretty cool!

I use a sheet of paper divided in half vertically with a 3 inch heading. Three sections. In the left column, I list things to do in 1 to 2 days. In the right column, I list things to do in 1 to 2 weeks. The top section is for the long range objectives, such as… 1. writing a book or 2. traveling to New Zealand.

I have a list for 1. business,2. family and relationships,3. health and 4. spirituality. I monitor them regularly. Daily monitoring is best. Just 5 minutes at night. If you do not write a plan, the urgent will overtake the important. Everyday!

Every building, school, church, park or business that you see around you started as a thought, an idea! It then became a wish, then a goal and then a plan.

Can you imagine a home builder starting to build a house without blueprints? I know a lot of dreamers who want to take our certification classes… One sweet gal has been trying for several years to make it happen.

One the other hand. thousands of my grads have taken the leap into this seemingly scary, but glorious new reality… a shiny, new career. Some were single moms cleaning houses; some were stay-at-home moms, burnt out teachers & nurses and now they have thriving businesses.

Cassandra Crosby, Transformations grad with David Bromstadt of HGTV

One grad is Kristie Anderson from Tampa Bay, FL. She has about 8 employees and an 8,000 sq. ft. warehouse. She has spoken at our Real Estate Staging Association Convention and won Top 10 Stager of the year for 2 years in a row. She has now expanded to Sarasota. You Go Girl!!!

Another grad is from Montgomery, Alabama and worked with David Bromstadt from HGTV on a designer house. Cassandra Crosby. Premier Design & Staging. I am so proud of you both, Cassandra and Kristie! I love what you are doing to grow and move forward.

Vision Boards help to get us there. They consist of visual images of our goals for our near or distant future. We all need them and for some mysterious reason, they tend to help us get moving in the right direction. I’M IN!

Start with cork board or black foamcore and pin clipped photos or magazine images that point to a desired outcome. We are such a product of our surroundings and what we see. Let’s make a commitment to begin somewhere. Such as, clip a picture of that luxury vacation and put it on the fridge. Let the things we see and say and do move us in the direction of our dreams.  I love this quote from Oprah from one of her early magazine articles.

“As we begin to recognize ourselves for who we really are—thinkers, leaders with limitless potential to transform not only ourselves but also the world around us—chaos in the car, at home, or at the office becomes the exception and excellence becomes the rule. When we speak, we’re the first to hear our words, to feel their impact. What we say and think manifests itself as the life we create, one choice at a time. And when we fill our lives with things that uplift us, we become a product of that environment. We want to give the world our best, and we want the best in return. Maintaining a gorgeous home or apartment is about respecting the very important person who lives in it…YOU.”

What are your main goals? Start right here and tell the world what you are doing this year. Put it on this public blog post. Tell the world and be unafraid!! I have 3500 readers. You can trust your heart to them.

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