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Women seem to frequently put their wants and needs on the back burner and sacrifice their dreams

for a more convenient time. They tolerate chaos and disorganization in their lives to meet the

demands of work and family. Take a minute today and do something for yourself that will cause you

to move toward a goal of excellence in every area of your life.


Suggestions – Clean out your make-up drawer, buy a book about getting organized, get flowers

for your kitchen, de-clutter your office. Try to create a little oasis on your patio, like the picture here.

Maybe, plan a quick trip to a beautiful locale as a reward to yourself, like the picture below.


For your business – Post something unusual on Facebook or Instagram, write a blog post, call 3 realtors

you haven’t communicated with in awhile. Sometimes one little action in the right direction leads to

another, and then another. Momentum begins to build and each new step is easier. It’s a remarkable principle.


St. Simon’s Island, Georgia

If you are working on your business, interruptions to your momentum will bring things to a complete

halt. So, turn off your phone and the little ring on your computer that indicates mail is in. Now, you

are ready to roll.


Your home and office are an extension of your heart. They represent your personal statement to the

world… and to yourself. When we fill our lives with things that uplift us, we become a product of that environment. Having an organized office and beautiful home is about honoring the very important

person who lives there… YOU!!




If you missed the presentation that we mentioned last month…



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 By the way…

Yes, RESACon is next week!!! Yay! If you are going, please jot down my number and

send me yours. 904-945-0093 Come to my presentation at 3:45PM, the first day.






If you are interested in taking the new, updated Online Class, Email me. EMAIL Or go

right to the Online Class info page. The pricing is in blue text at the bottom of the page.

It is money-back guaranteed and going up in price soon. FREE COLOR CHART for

summer attendees. We will be adding our RESA presentation soon. It is considered

advanced class material. Yay!!





We do have space available in our August 3-day and September 5-day classes. September

will probably be our last 5-day class of the year. 2 spots left as of today.  


We are not the biggest trainer… Remember, we’re Lily Pulitzer, not Macy’s. Why slog

thru 100 forms when 25 will do. Get the Nitty-Gritty of what really works. We are the

most targeted, design-orientated class in the US. Realtors and Designers love our



The 2018 classes are filling up quickly. If you bring a friend, you get a special discount. 



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