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Branding is the Bomb


Logo for Transformations Grads

   Branding Your Business, Logos and Websites

Branding is the image of a product or business in the marketplace. It sets your business apart from your competitors. It illustrates the unique qualities or characteristics of your company.

Branding elements can be colors, fonts and/or a combination of words that describe your specialty. For instance, American Airlines is associated with the song, Rhapsody in Blue. Or Coca Cola, It’s the Real Thing. We use a butterfly because it’s a symbol of transformation. The monarch butterfly started the Orange color scheme.

Create a mission statement and a tag line about your business by writing all the words and symbols that describe you and your unique qualities. Adjectives, colors, images.

You may need to use a graphic designer to create your logo and brand. A company called 99 Designs can give you lots of choices for $99. Check them out. I paid $500 for the Designer Staging Professionals image. $99 is a great price.

Keep your accent colors consistent in your logo and even pictures that decorate your website. Stock copyright free pictures can be purchased from places like iStock. It is unlikely that you will begin with photos that are good enough for your main pages. Your portfolio must always be photos of your work only.

One side of our business card

Look at the websites mentioned on the Class page of the Transformations website. You will see a simple, consistent style with a white background. Keep it concise and to the point. Uncluttered and simple. Your most important statement needs to be on the first page.

A Word Press website that you can change without tech assistance is the best way to go. There are tutorials online to show you how to set up a basic site. If you are tech-challenged, use a template site like Wix to build your site.

Start with a brain dump. List as many adjectives describing your unique qualities or specialties. The pare it down to the best ones and combine it with an image. Voila!!

Great Color Consistency in This Photo

As you post on Facebook and Instagram, keep your colors and filters consistent. Occasionally, weed out pictures that don’t reflect who you are in your business and your personal life.

Get a recent professional headshot and put it on your card, marketing materials and your website. Use the same picture throughout your various platforms. People need to mentally connect with your image and photo to feel confident calling you for an appointment. Your picture removes a barrier in their mind.

That’s all for now!! Happy Branding!!