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What you don’t know CAN hurt you. If you are a home seller, home stager or agent, LISTEN UP.

  1. If the agent recommends staging and the client refuses the advice… when the property lingers on the market, the home sellers can’t blame the agent.
  2. If the homeowner has to look for a stager on their own because the house goes a long time without offers, they are NOT happy. 50% of our homeowner initiated jobs are from those people. So, if the agent waits till the listing is stale before calling a stager, the house will sell quickly but the homeowner is not as happy and they wonder why they didn’t recommend staging at the beginning.
  3. The agent can use the $150 staging evaluation to get the listing. We have a few agents who pay for the evaluation because it is a great value but also, as a way to clinch the listing. It always works! Sometimes we do the written punch list and don’t share it with the homeowner. The agent goes on the listing appointment the next day with the folder in hand, clearly labeled, Home Evaluation. The homeowner can’t wait to get the details. There is a tactful way to do this.
  4. A professional job from a certified stager will sell the property 4 times faster.
  5. A large percentage of stagers are not certified by an accredited school.
  6. A large percentage of stagers do not have insurance.
  7. The professionally staged home nets 6 to 10% more. If it sells quickly, it will not need markdowns.
  8. The ROI for professional staging is 600 to 800% or more.
  9. 80% of home sellers say they will use their agent again, but only 20% of them actually do. A home that sells in a few days vs. a few months will guarantee a lasting relationship with your client.
  10. When potential home sellers ask an agent, “Do you have a stager on your team,” the answer should always be YES. An agent from one of our top offices stumbled over that question and lost a million dollar listing to an agent who was prepared. Have cards in your listing package.

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